About Us

Start My Lease is an online searchable marketplace featuring information about available leases, lease options, lease to own and rental arrangements for real estate, real property, parking spaces, land vehicles, furniture, tools and machinery, namely, tool chests, snow blowers, power drills, lawnmowers, landscaping clean up tools, namely, rakes and shovels, portable generators, air compressors, tractors, cranes, plumbing tools, hilo industrial trucks, hammers, wrenches, nails, screws, scaffolding, batteries, household appliances, namely, vacuums, dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, laundry washers, laundry dryers, electric irons, fabric steamers, freezers, ice makers, carpet cleaners, toasters ovens, coffee machines, food processors and slow cookers, sporting, party and gaming equipment, namely, golf simulation equipment, arcade games, chairs, tables, party tents, inflatable bounce houses, electronics, namely, computers, electronic toys, laptops, printers, copiers, routers, electrical supply units, and security systems, information technology equipment, computer software, cloud storage space, digital content subscriptions, digital publications, namely, books, magazines and monthly publication subscriptions, legal services subscriptions, musical beats, fitness equipment, namely, treadmills, ellipticals, weights, exercise machines, steppers, watches, fitness apparel, and sports team apparel, namely, blank jerseys, beauty supplies, namely, barber stations, backwash barber shampoo chairs, hair styling tools, salon equipment, salon chairs, pedicure chairs, styling chairs, and salon shampoo sprayer hoses, solar panels, form documents, t-shirt printers, 3D Printers, CAD printers, downloadable mobile software applications, internet and cellular data, music streaming services, movies, educational instructional videos, home services, namely, lawn care, landscaping, repair services, property management services, plumbing, and painting services, invoice factoring transactions, purchase order financing transactions, automotive billing and invoice factoring services for automotive industries, invoice factoring services for legal services, payment processing software, credit approval systems, targeted mail marketing, internet services, international post services carriers with features connected to cellular data, marketing of real property, real estate, luxury rentals, high end real estate, international business, consumer leasing, corporate leasing, purchase order financing of medical supplies and equipment, trucking driver lease option programs, entertainment event services subscriptions, namely, experiential marketing, concert ticketing, and sporting event subscriptions.

Start My Lease Inc. will be making use of RETS Data Feed to display MLS property listings for leasable properties on its website. Start My Lease is a platform where users can locate and start the process of leasing everything from residential and commercial real estate to furniture and vehicles. Start My Lease seeks to be a one-stop shop for individuals looking to lease a home, furniture, and car as they move to a new city as well as businesses setting up new offices, including furniture, fixtures, and equipment. The root of this business model is providing users with information regarding the real estate available for lease and then building out from that base. Based on this concept, there are already a number of Industries interested in working with Start My Lease Inc. to take advantage of this aggregated service.